Get real UX writing experience

Dive into our mock projects, work with collaborative design tools, pass our mock interview and become a UX writer.


How it works

About us

Our challenges

Mock UX writing interviews

Critique 2 flows in Figma + Adobe XD and tell us how to improve it. Answer real UX writing interview questions to test your design thinking, presentation skills, and get honest, hardcore feedback.

What to expect:
  • A 45-minute mock UX writing interview
  • 15 minutes included for constructive feedback
  • Improve 1 flow before the interview and another on the spot
  • Present your design thinking and improvements


About us
About us
Train with a UX writing mentor

Critique and improve 3 flows, work inside of Adobe XD + Figma with a mentor, take home your new mobile UI mockups, complete a mock interview, kick off your portfolio, and become a UX writer in 2021.

What to expect
  • Be paired with a senior UX writing mentor
  • Get hands-on experience with Adobe XD and Figma
  • Create and show off your own mockups
  • Resources to kick off your online portfolio
  • Mock interview
Next class starts on March 15th, 2021


Build your UX writing portfolio

Work on 4 different screens in Adobe XD according to the brief. Get feedback from us and take home your finished screens.

What to expect
  • Improve 4 screens total in Adobe XD
  • Great for presenting 'Before vs After' shots
  • Add your finished mockups into your portfolio


About us


A UX writer steps into the shoes of your average user to improve their experience on an app or website. They often work with designers to make sure all content flows smoothly so that people can navigate without any hurdles. UX writers choose words that are strategic, clear, concise, and useful – instantly improving digital experiences.
Not at all. We’re here to introduce you to the field and get you hands-on UX writing experience with our tools, strategic and design thinking, and building up your online or offline portfolio.
You’ll need a computer, internet access, and an open mind. Everything else will be prepared for you to learn and try for yourself.
Zoom or Google Hangouts. We may eventually start a Slack channel but you’ll know when it happens.
All payments must be made in advance on our website via Stripe to secure your place. You’ll be instantly connected to one of our senior UX writers to kick off your program and set up calls according to both of your available times.
Got questions or want to get started?
Drop us a message anytime at